Planing (5P)

"Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (5P)". With this in mind, we plan as much of your site or applicaiton out as possible. Measure twice, cut once approach.


Using many of the most advanced design techniques and ergonomic user interface, we design your site or application to meet your needs.


Finally, the development phase, which is the actual construction of your product.



IT Consulting

Having over 15 years experience, and specializing in information and design, we consistantly help small businesses:

  • Use Technology to increase productivity
  • Review and assess current web presence with recommendations on:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • User Interaction Experience
    • Social Integration (Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, ...)
  • Move files from point A to point B
  • Train clients on new software
  • Setup and help manage social media outlets
  • And everything in-between

Web Design & Development

A professional, updated, web site sets you apart from your competition. While your competitors update their website monthly, or possibly yearly; You have the option to have a fully dynamic website that can be updated when new information becomes available.

Brochure style sites are a great start for small businesses, but search engines, and your customers will find the content stale. We utilize several techniques depending on your need, which allows you to easily add content to your site, and instantly address your customers or audience.

Custom Software

Although we specialize in online applications, we have also build several applications for clients, and ourselves, that cross outside the browser. We have several iPhone applications in the iTunes store, and several built specifically for clients.

We have built applications for client that have saved them 10 hours per week, and others that have increased their membership over 100%. Let us help you climb out of your paperwork and start working efficiently.

Information Design

Our training and experience in information management and design help us organize your website and online information. Our custom, high-end development solutions are ideal for IT companies, entrepreneurs, and established businesses.

Hosting Service

We currently offer three business hosting plans. All plans have 99.9% Network Up-Time and Free setup. We even offer server alerting on select applications, which alerts us and you, anytime there is a problem with your application via email,SMS, or RSS. This includes trends, cpu load averages, disk usage, MySQL slow query stats, and a host of other features.